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Sermon Excerpt 5/13/06—health Yahweh’s way

Years ago, there were articles that started coming out against the sun. If anyone read Genesis 1, they will know the sun was made for man. In Yahweh Shammah, there will be sunlight. It will come from Yahweh Himself Who furnishes the sun. Sunlight will be inside Yahweh Shammah.

If we are out in the universe, the same sunlight, which was made for us and for Yahweh, will be there with you to feed you. I knew that as a child so when the propaganda started coming out against the sun I knew it was a bunch of baloney and didn’t make sense. The oldest people on the face of the earth worked in the sun daily. After a while of the propaganda that came out against the sun, people began to cover themselves up where the sun couldn’t get to them when they worked. They started wearing sunshades and things that damaged their eyes.

The propaganda is still going forth because they’re selling so much suntan lotion. I believe that stuff is damaging to your body. I trust Yahweh. Did you get that? I trust Yahweh. I don’t trust mankind or the salesman who says he wants to sell you stuff that they say will protect you from cancer. If you lifted the salesmen’s shirts and looked, you would probably find cancers all over them if they haven’t gotten sun and salt.

I have an article that just came out. Vitamin D and Sunshine Are Critical To Health… This is a new study that came out. …At a time where fear of wrinkles and skin cancer has many people slithering on sunscreen and avoiding ultraviolet rays at all cost, a growing body of evidence is proving that Vitamin D, a hormone produced primarily through exposure to sunlight, is more critical to health than once believed. In November, the National Institute of Health conveyed a group of scientists for a conference, Vitamin D and Health in the Twenty-first Century, aimed at exploring a troubling re-emergence of health problems, such as rickets related to Vitamin D deficiency… I remember hearing about rickets when I was a child and didn’t know what it was. It’s coming back again.

…A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a diet rich in Vitamin D protected people from developing colon cancer… Colon cancer is on the rise, so is the sale of sunscreen lotion. The Vitamin D, the sunshine, actually protects you against colon cancer. This is proven now.

…In January, the Journal of Neurology found that women who took Vitamin D supplements were forty percent less likely to develop multiple sclerosis. A number of other recent studies have linked lack of Vitamin D or regular sunlight to greater risk for high blood pressure… High blood pressure is skyrocketing throughout the world right now along with the skyrocketing sales of sunscreen lotion.

…high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Type I diabetes and depression. Such news is no surprise to Dyer, who has been diagnosed with Seasonal Effective Disorder, a depression often linked to Vitamin D deficiency.

Other health professionals, to the dismay of skin cancer specialists are reversing conventional wisdom and advising people… To follow the Scriptures! It doesn’t say that, but it says to get more sun, which is what the Scriptures say.

…It is now recommended that you should never be exposed to direct sunlight… That’s what those who want to sell sunscreen lotion recommend. …That is a radical and unhealthy position to take… They’re finally proving the Scriptures right. That’s something we should have been standing on long ago.

Keep those things in your mind and remember that. Science is proving Yahweh right. I want you to believe Yahweh one hundred percent. When somebody says something that is contrary to the Scriptures, you need to know that person is a liar and not following his advise in what he’s doing.

Uncommon Salt Controversy. Has the push to reduce salt intake gone too far? Some experts think so. If you have heard the warning of the perils of eating too much salt, but can’t wean yourself off the fish and chips or still like an extra sprinkle of top, you’re not alone. After decades of hearing of the harmful effects of high sodium diets, most Australians have ignored the advice. A study published recently in the American Journal of Medicine has shown that salt is not so bad a thing after all. Researchers of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found that people on low sodium diets were thirty-seven percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease and twenty-eight percent more likely to die of strokes than those with high salt diets… You can get this article right off the Internet. It was handed to me last week.

…The study analyzed data from more than seven thousand people who had been asked to recall everything they had eaten or drank over twenty-four hours as part of the National Health Institute examination survey between 1976 and 1982. In 1992, the Hines Number Two tract mortality in the same population. Researchers included only the results of healthy people who had no medical reason to be on a special diet or other cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, age and other medication use. The hypothesis was that although dietary salt was cut, it prompted the body to increase levels of hormones called plasma rennin, which is nature’s way of keeping blood pressure up, a possible mechanism that could explain the increased cardiovascular risk. In some studies, plasma rennin has been shown to be an independent predator of cardiovascular events.

A study published by researchers from Albert Einstein College in 1995 in the journal Hypertension had similar findings. Hypertensive patients on low-salt diets were thinner, exerted less potassium, had higher potassium rennin and were four times more likely to die of heart disease than those who consumed more sodium.

So, does this mean you can now gutlessly indulge in as much salty seasoning as you desire and in fact do it in the name of [great] health? Coan, leading author of the AJM study acknowledges that more research is needed to be done but says, “As yet there is not enough evidence to tell the general population they should change their diets, but this was an observational study and not a clinical trial so they can’t really conclude from our findings that low sodium intakes are harmful. But our study certainly doesn’t support the idea of universal prescriptions for lower salt intake…

Doing away with salt was another thing that when it came out years ago I said that no, it wasn’t true because the Scriptures say that salt is healthy. The Scriptures say to sprinkle your food with salt. I knew it wasn’t true to do away with salt and I decided to continue my intake of salt. My brother didn’t feel the same way. He read Prevention Magazine and he fell for a trick that might have cost him his life.

Dr. Jensen, a few years ago, traveled the world because he wanted to find the so-called fountain of youth. He went to all the older aged people who had lived a long life to find out what their secrets were. He was sure before he found the people that he was going to find people who stayed out of the sun, used sunscreen lotion and had a low-salt diet. He thought they would be under doctors’ care and guidance, which helped them to live old and healthy lives. He was greatly surprised when he found these people.

His goal was to discover the secrets to their healthy lifestyles and bring back to the civilized world the keys to living a long, productive, healthy and joyous life. What Dr. Jensen found out was not at all what he was expecting. Far from the space aged super food formulations and expensive exercise programs that were gaining popularity in western countries at that time, these healthy, joyous old people had long ago adopted simple, healthy lifestyles… That is what I’m telling you are the getting back to basics. These are the things we have been bringing to you. As Priests, you are going to be teaching the very things I’m getting ready to read to you. It’s the simple, basic lifestyle of enjoying life and eating food as Yahweh designed that food.

…that carried over into every corner of their lives. This became a shock to Dr. Jensen. Popular science wisdom of the day insisted that anyone wanting to reach advanced age in [great] health had to walk an errant path of life. Among many other considerations, this supposedly consisted of taking special formulated food supplements every day, getting annual physical examinations from the best doctors available, walking at least three miles a day, exercising externally and inhering fastidiously to the framework of a healthy lifestyle, not to mention keeping up on all the wonderful research being conducted by the health and longevity gurus prevalent throughout the western countries.

One thing they found in common among all the people… All the older aged people. …were the following things… Now, get these. These were the things that caused certain people in the Scriptures to live to healthy, old ages. They had an earth that was not defiled at that time. The people discussed in this article live on an earth that is defiled but through living off what Yahweh made for them and not changing it managed to live their lives well over a hundred years old. The first one we read about is a hundred and sixty-eight.

…One thing they found in common among all the people was the following thing. None of the old aged people had any kind of arthritis… They didn’t develop arthritis so Jensen knew arthritis wasn’t an old-age disease as most people think it is. …All of the contenders he met worked every day. Most of them had a garden to grow some of their own foods. Almost all of them were actively involved with… The House of Yahweh activities. Well, he says community affairs, but the emphasis is mine there!

…Almost all of them were actively involved… With the activities of The House of Yahweh. …They ate whole, organically grown grains… That were ground in our mill over here just a few miles away by our slaughterhouse where we have clean beef and chicken.

…They ate whole, organically grown grains, seeds, legumes, berries, fruits and vegetables. They had some amounts of chicken. Fish, goat, sheep and beef products consumed were chemical free… Get this next part. …They all consumed some sort of raw, clabbered milk products daily…. Did you all hear that? That was one thing they all had in common. They all consumed some form of raw, clabbered milk products. That includes buttermilk, whey, clabber and the curds, that are spoken of in your Scriptures.

One other thing they had in common was they ate sauerkraut… The sauerkraut gave them their vegetable enzymes and the milk products gave them their dairy enzymes. Those two together, brethren, form a fighting army that you just can’t fight against. Praise Yahweh.

…They expelled waste daily without signs of constipation or incontinence. They were joyous and content with their lot in life. They were invariably compassion, unselfish, concerned for the welfare of others and spiritually minded…

This man is from Azerbaijan. He was a hundred and sixty-eight years old in 1973. I don’t know if he’s still alive or not. …Eat plain food, particularly clabbered milk products. Raw milk, rice, vegetables, some honey… These were the things he ate. Another thing that makes me think the man was Hebrew is because of the fact he mentions eating honey and it was a great thing with him.

…some chicken, fish, goat, sheep or beef. Keep your legs and arms moving every day for [great] circulation… In other words, work. …Rise early and don’t stay up too late at night. Enjoy everything you work at. Be generous to all and less nervous. Take care of your health and that of others. Living a great life is more important that observing any special rules to be old…

The second one was one hundred and fifty-three years old. He includes the same things. …Eating wholesome foods including clabbered milk products and raw milk. Living simply and humbly, not eating anything past six p.m. in the evening, really caring about others and helping make their lives more fulfilling, participating in community activities, not getting angry too often…


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